Vamshi Krishna Reddy V I am a passionate front end engineer, mobile and web application developer. Experienced in multiple domains like Design, Development, UI/UX, Text Mining. Working currently as UI Engineer @ Pega Systems

Skill Set

Programming Languages : C, C++, Java

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript(Also MVC Frameworks like backbone.js), PHP

Scripting Languages : Ruby

Operating Systems: Linux, Mac, Windows XP/Vista/7

Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Symfony - MVC Framework for PHP

Tools and Utilities: Netbeans, Eclipse, Swish, Flash Builder, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Office

Hands on experience of using different APIs like Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Topsy Analytics, Yahoo! API's, Twitter API, Alchemy API's, Open Calais API etc.,


Icons by IconTexto

Web Design by Inspect Element

Flickering text inspired from

My Portfolio

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Complete List of my Projects

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About Me

Passionate developer, experienced in multiple domains like Design, Development, UI/UX, Text Mining, Web and Mobile application development. Tech savvy person and gadget freak. Hands on expereince in developing websites and applications from scratch till successful deployment. Able to conceptualize several ideas and bring them to reality using my technical and management skills. Demonstrative performance in designing extrordinary interfaces and intuitive logos for several mobile and web apps.

Currently Working as a UI Engineer @ Pega Systems

Previously worked as a Web Engineer @ Enthuse and as a Business Intelligence Consultant @ Thorogood Associates.


Academic Projects

  1. Contextual Knowledge based Asssistance for Academics
  2. Building a minimal RDBMS from scratch
  3. Twitter and Email Notifcations for Server Events
  4. Security System Using Number Plate Recognition
  5. Scholarship Management System
  6. Railway Ticket Management

Personal Projects

  1. Sports Pixels - Web Application
  2. Stock Cube - Mobile Application(iOS and Android)
  3. Twinsight - Web Application
  4. Namma Metro - Android Application
  5. Yummy Trains - Android Application
  6. Opinion Mining from Social Media - Information Retrieval
  7. MyCollect - Web Application
  8. Galli Grounds - Web Application
  9. Scalein - Website Design and Development
  10. Capism - Website Design and Development
  11. Tutor For Data Strutures - Java Desktop Application

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Area: Data Mining, Knowledge based Routing
Guide: Prof. Srinath Srinivasa

Summary: The project aims to build a knowledge backbone for academics. The system would contextually examine, correlate and aggregate information based partly on domain knowledge and partly on observing co-occurrence patterns. Also involves knowledge based routing, profile based recommendations.

Project is by IIIT Bangalore in collaboration with Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC).
Funded by Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of India.

Live Demo
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Opinion Mining from Social Media

Area: Web Information Extraction, Text Analytics, Sentiment Analysis.
Personal Project

Summary: Extract content from social media such as blogosphere, analyze the data and identify Subject and it's attributes. After identifying the Object and attributes, opinion mining has to be done at a statement level in order to obtain the positive and negative feelings for each attribute. This helps in finding out the feedback of customers for each feature for any given product.

Source Code on Github
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Area: Mobile app development
Grossed more than 1000 downloads during IPL

Summary: This is an iPhone application, which is being conceptualized and designed by me. This app allows users to badge their photographs with their favorite team's logo - this was launched during Indian Premier League and hundreds of people have downloaded and shared their badged pictures on Social Media. This demonstrates the ability to design usable interfaces for mobile applications and also manage the development of iPhone application with Image manipulation, Social media integration and publishing an iPhone app

View the app on App Store
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Sports Fan Graph

Area: Information Extraction and Aggregation - Mashup
Client Project - Social Media Marketing

Summary: Sports Fan Graph is a web application, which tracks the social media traction for most of the sports teams on this planet. It is an exhaustive list with twitter followers, facebook fans and people talking about counts for each team. It also gives a list of instagram photos tagged for a given team. This has a backend built on php and front end with jQuery and Twitter bootstrap. SFG demonstrates the capability of writing RESTful API using codeigniter, using datatables and integrating web application with Facebook and Twitter api.

Access the application
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Area: Mobile application development
Grossed more than 7000 downloads across India

Summary: This is a utility application on Android platform, which is intended for all youth an adult audience of India, who are looking to buy a motor bike or a car. One can use this application to find the price of car or bike for most of the cities in India, which reduces a tedious effort of looking up the internet and roaming around showrooms to get the quotations and price list. This application showcases my ability to conceptualize applications to solve common problems through mobile applications and also designing the interface in a usable manner.

View the app on Play Store
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Area: Web Application with Google Maps API
Covered in popular startup blogs of India

Summary: In many instances, when you have moved to a new place - you might be wondering where exactly is a cricket or football ground nearby. There might be one just in your next lane but you end up spending lot of time finding a place to play your favorite game and less time playing. Sometimes, you may need to travel as there's a known ground somewhere farther. Actually, we have a chance to help each other to find grounds in our locality. "Galli Grounds" is a platform where you can Search for grounds nearby your place or Add a ground you know in your galli (lane/locality)

Try to find/add a ground near your place
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My Collect

Area: Information Extraction and Aggregation - Mashup
Won 1st Prize at Yahoo! Hack U, IIITB - 2009

Summary: This idea which came out of sheer laziness, makes the task easy to the users who frequently use different search engines. Basically, the users who are dissatisfied by the results obtained from one search engine switch to other engines thinking of obtaining better results. Here, this idea is mainly emphasized on and is implemented in such a way the user can avoid searching a single query in several places as he/she can view them in a single window. A quest for finding a most relevant search not only as an article or definition, but want to know the community talk on particular query and at the same time what’s the present thing happening over that query as subject.

Learn More in detail...
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Enthuse - Sports Platform

Area: Web development - PSD to HTML
Widely accessed sports platform by several universities and sports clubs

Summary: This is a website I developed as part of my work at a startup called Enthuse. It's a sports platform where fans get rewarded for their loyalty by the team management. Adopted and used by several university sports. I've coded this website from scratch using a mockup provided in PSD format. Coded up several other admin templates too.

Check out the website
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Area: Text categorization, Term Extraction, Social Media Analysis
Developed at Yahoo! Open Hack 2010

Summary: This application aims to get the insights out of a given twitter account. You can feed in a twitter user name and extract the nature of the tweets made by the user as well as most common terms used by him. This helps you categorize what a user speaks about in general to his followers.

Try to find some insights...
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Sports Pixels

Area: Sports, Fan Photos - Mashup
Personal Project

Summary: This project was born out of a thought related to sports and events. During or After an event or league, there will be lot of excitement in fans. They express it all using their photos being uploaded onto social media. Once such awesome resource of having pics uploaded by fans across the world is Instagram. Sportspixels web app will let you choose your favorite sports team or event and then navigates you to a beautiful showcase of pictures uploaded by fans across the world with unlimited scrolling!

Detailed Explanation in a blog post...

Nice isn't it? Try it out...
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Stock Cube

Area: Stock Market Tools, YQL, Finance
Developed at Yahoo! Open Hack 2012

Summary: In a market of unlimited opportunities, you should not be missing out any chance just because of ignorance. So we are bringing all possible stocks that match your investment criteria, which makes our tool an ultimate choice for investors. This performs an Inverse Stock Search, unlike other stock search tools which you find on internet.

Learn More - Our Blogpost
Product Demo - Screencast
Launching on iPhone and Android Soon!

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Namma Metro

Area: Android Application, Bangalore Metro - Public Service
Personal Project

Summary: As everyone was excited about the launch of new Metro transit service in Bangalore, India, I was also curious about it. At the same time, thought of helping people in finding information about the metro transit for a smooth and hasslefree journey. Came up with this informative app for fellow Bangaloreans, which works on Android devices. This gives information about fare details between different stations, parking details, Train timings, Routes etc.,

Quick Introduction Video
Android App - Available on Google Play
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Yummy Trains

Area: Information Extraction, Android Application, Indian Railways
Personal Project

Summary: Train is a most common mode of long distance transport in India. During our journey, a train passes through different towns and cities. In order to bring the local delicacies of different cities, towns and intermediate stations to the travellers, we have come up with a crowdsourcing platform called YummyTrains. Here you get to provide your train number and we'll fetch you the special local cuisines of all stations that come up on your journey. One can also add the favorite delicacies of your place to help others

Available for Android Devices - Google Play
Nominated for Top 50 Apps in Asia & was 3rd most voted app in App4India contest.
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Break My Trip

Area: Travel Based Android App
Developed for Global Android Developer Camp, Bangalore - 2012

Summary: There are lot of travel options depending on economic ability and time contraints. In order to reach a destination, a common man must make some tradeoffs between time and money; Particularly in a mixed situtation, where you have not much time to travel in Train, but can't spend more on flight. This application comes in handy in such situations - You feed in your source and destination, it provides you a list of options with Train+Flight break journeys with an optimal solution as a preference - You can make a choice by sorting based on time or money.

Launching Soon on Android - Google Play
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Area: Data Analytics, Website Development, Wordpress
Developed for Client

Summary: Capism is a grassroots cause that lets you own the profits and privacy of your data and time, and empowers you to leverage your data for social good. Developed the website for a client.

Check out Capism Website
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Area: Website Development, Consulting, Data Analytics
Developed for Client

Summary: Scalein is a consulting company offerring services in Data Analytics, MySQL Consulting, Big Data Consulting etc., I've developed this website using wordpress to focus more on consuting services offered by the company.

Check out the Scalein Website
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T-Shirt Design

Area: Designing, Tshirt Design
Personal Interest

Summary: This was a quote share by my friend, which was catchy for people from Chandigarh. I created a tshirt design for that. Have a look

Find the actual size images here
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Plane vs Asteroids

A simple iOS game where a plane has to avoid different obstacles. As the levels grow, it gets exciting to swerve through the obstacles. This is done as a part of learning basics of iPhone game development.

VARdb - A Minimal RDBMS

The goal of this project is to develop a Relational Database Management System. It involves designing development of Buffer manager, Indexing system, and a database engine, and GUI which are the basic building blocks of any RDBMS. Implemented in C++

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